The Harpsichord Project E-book

A Construction Guide for the First Time Builder
Ernest Miller Harpsichords

Showcasing the work of The Harpsichord Project readers

Readers of the Harpsichord Project come to its pages from varied backgrounds, experiences, musical tastes, aesthetic preferences, etc. One thing they have in common is the desire to own a harpsichord that they built with their own two hands. Some were highly motivated and were able to complete their harpsichord in a year or less. Others, while equally motivated, took considerably longer. One reader started building a harpsichord in 1987 (obviously not the Harpsichord Project instrument) and finally finished it in 2021 using methods he learned in the Harpsichord Project ebook to get through those areas of the construction that stymied him.

Regardless of the road taken to completion, the achievement cannot be overstated. It should not surprise anyone that instruments built by different people from the same plan end up looking, and in some cases sounding, completely unrelated. Such is the case with our two featured instruments. Click on the icons below to go to their individual pages.

If you'd like to have your finished instrument featured on these pages send me an email with photos and a video with sound showing the instrument being played. If a video is unavailable, a sound file without video is acceptable. Please include a short paragraph about yourself, your background, what motivated you to build a harpsichord, your thoughts and experiences during the building process, etc.